Story creation is our core.



At Daydream Films, our focus is simple - we aim to create high impact, entertaining films with compelling storylines, great visual effects and talented actors which leave audiences across the world moved and investors elated.

We are proudly an Australian company based in Sydney with a global network of investors and industry experts.  Our team comprises some of Australia and New Zealand's best and brightest and together our aim is to produce quality high-impact films with Australian actors where possible that can be delivered to global audiences no matter where they are - at the movies or at the end of an internet connection.  The future of film belongs to the audience.

We are clever, forward thinking and determined to spearhead the creation of a world class industry right here in Australia for quality high concept-films.   Our film projects are cool and our vision for the future is big.


"What's the point of making a film if the audience doesn't make the effort to see it?"

Antaine Furlong




Founder.  Antaine is a highly respected goal oriented executive with an outstanding track record.

After successfully turning Massive Interactive, a small Australian start up into into a global leader, as a director and third largest shareholder, Antaine facilitated the sale of the business to an international brand for a world market record price.


Returning to his love of film, Antaine now has the freedom to focus on his own personal projects and grow his new company, Daydream Films, into one of the world's leading high-concept film production companies.  A new Challenge, new Chapter!




Don Reynolds is an New Zealand/Australian Film Producer & Executive Producer who has had a big impact on the Domestic and International film & TV industry.

He was an Executive Producer on many classic films of the 1980s and went on to produce movies such as Peaches, The Quiet Earth, Sylvia, Mr Wrong, and River Queen.

Reynolds was also one of the main forces behind the setting up of long-running TV soap, Shortland Street.




Screenwriter.   Keiron Holland is a highly respected screenwriter who has written 13 feature length scripts and a television pilot. 


He has a strong interest in historical scripts, action adventure, period fantasy and sci-fi.


Holland likes writing about the places he has travelled. He believes when you are there, among the people and the structures, you can really get a sense of what it was like in times gone by.   This sense of innate understanding infuses his imagination enabling him to write compelling and captivating scripts with authenticity and extraordinary detail.